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Freshwater Improvement Scenario Builder

Our Scenario Builder provides a tool to visualise the current state of water quality and explore land mitigation and land use change scenarios to improve water quality.

The Freshwater Improvement Scenario Builder has two functions. Firstly, you can visualise the current state of water quality (nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations) at over 900 river monitoring sites across New Zealand. The app also provides estimates of the “reference” water quality conditions at the site, the composition of land use in the catchment and the relative contribution of different land uses in the catchment to nitrogen and phosphorus loads. 

Secondly, you can develop catchment management scenarios of land mitigation or land use change (or combinations of both) to see how reducing contaminant losses from existing land use and / or changing land use within the catchment might affect the state of water quality in that catchment.

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Freshwater Improvement Scenario Builder web app

Exploring water quality outcomes of catchment management scenarios